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pixiedash in gdiapers

Liner fit

Hi there!

I'm using size small gdiapers for my lovely little girl (who is roughly 10 lbs 9 oz, 3 months old). I've noticed that the liners are getting stretched out. The only reason I noticed was because I ordered a couple more new ones and noticed there was a difference in the sizes of the ones I've been using for over a month and the new ones: the older ones are more stretched out. Could this be a problem for leaking? Have you guys noticed anything? How long should these liners be able to last? It would be discouraging if we had to buy new ones every so often.

:) Happy diapering!


I noticed the liners stretching but never had a problem with leaks until she was too big for the various sizes.

I've heard the liners need to be replaced every six months or so (depending on how often they're used/how many diapers are in the rotation/etc.).
Oh I'm glad. :) Thank you!
Ours stretched, too,and we stuff with cloth which is a bit bulkier than the regular liners. However we found that as long as they are making the seal correctly around the baby's leg, they were fine.

Other than that, I avoid drying them in the dryer, to preserve the elastic.
Oh thank you!! I use cloth with ours too. I'll continue to use them then. I'm glad others are seeing the same thing. Do they stretch out a lot, like ours?

(The one on the left is the stretched out one, and the one on the right is a new one.)


That's the way they look alright. ;)
Hey, mind if I pick your brain a little bit? Using the cloth with the gdiapers, do you find that there are still a little bit of leakage onto the gpants? I'm experiencing that and I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing wrong. Just itty bitty -- not enough for it to get onto her clothing, but enough that I can't use the gdpants again until I wash them. It's annoying!
At first we did. Usually along the seam where the elastic meets body of the pant. We figured out that when were stuffing the liner, we weren't tucking the prefold in real well. So we corrected that. Then it happened again (usually when my husband changed the diaper *grin*) and I realized that when he was snugging up the diaper he was actually breaking the seal of the liner.

Also it happened if we over stuffed. As much as I love the g's, it's hard to get a good seal if the baby is at the upper end of the size and you've got a prefold and a doubler in there so we finally got a couple diaper diaper covers that we can really load up at night.

... it's happened periodically since, but usually just if DS had a really, really, big pee or my diapers needed stripping. And sometimes it's been wet and I couldn't figure it out and then found out it was drool. Yep, drool. Expert drooler, my kid.

Are you using the flushables exclusively right now?
We're using cloth inserts - specifically from cottonwood babies made for gdiapers. So I basically have to make sure the insert is completely tucked inside the liner? Sometimes I use a doubler underneath too. Doesn't seem to make a difference regarding leaks. I'll make sure it's all inside the liner from now on, but I thought I did already! It's so finicky!
That looks right to me, at least as far as my experience goes. Maybe you LO pees a lot. :) If you want to make sure you liner is absorbant enough, try running a small stream of water over it and see how fast it soaks in.

Could be that you're exeriencing some runoff and the liners need stripping.

I was checking them out originally and thought that it was really cool that someone was making them for gDiapers. How do you like them, so far?

In the next size up, I found Bamboo Fuzzy Doublers from Punkin Butt are great because they are contoured, but I have to use two. Green Mountain makes a doubler that works well too, and is cheaper, but I think I prefer the contour. Also in the next size up (med/lg) I found that regular unbleached infant prefolds are more absorbant for my kiddo and much cheaper per diaper than using inserts/doublers. I use two doublers in there when I want a particularly trim look or when we're on the road b/c they take up less space in the diaper bag.

I think I'm having issues with the stretched out liners. I'm finding that when I use the tighter liners, they wrap around her bum more tightly and more sealed-ly (lol). They don't leak then.

THe problem is that when we first started with gdiapers, I was completely neurotic and hand washed every liner after every changing. This contributed greatly to the stretching and eventual wear of the liners. Grr. Silly me.

I really like Cottonwood Baby's gdiaper inserts. Anna, the owner, is very very helpful and approachable. Since this is my first time being a mom, she was very patient and answered all of my stupid questions. :)

We're using a size small now, so none of the prefolds that I already had fit, unfortunately. TOo big. I'm keeping them and saving them for when she goes the next size up.

Our little one is sleeping 8-10 hours a night now (at 3 months old! I must have really good baby karma lol), so she's a supersoaker over night. We're using Thirsties all-in-one with a prefold inside for overnights now, since that is the only thing that I've found has worked. Doubling up flushables with the gdiaper makes her wake up with a completely soaked back, all the way down to the mattress. Poor baby!
Okay, it's still leaking. Mind if I pick your brain a little more (feel free not to answer if I'm getting annoyed.. hehee)?

I've made sure everything was tucked in its place and I used a tighter liner, and it's still leaking, but only with poopy messes now. I took some pictures because I don't know how else to describe it. I hope these don't offend you (we've all seen poopy diapers, right?! hee)!

Can you see what I'm doing wrong? I can't figure it out! It only leaks on the sides and not where the velcro is... so I'm guessing I'm not putting it on too tightly?

Oh, baby poo, groooossss! ;)

We often had to wipe out/ change liners after runny poo (or bf poo but it's been awhile since I've seen that). Happens with disposables, too. It's probably on tight enough, really. The only thing I can think of that would help is to give the diaper a little tug upward after it's all on (kinda like hitchin' up yer pants...). I had to do that with disposables and cloth both in the early days to combat leaky poo legs.

BTW we just discovered Thirsties for overnights. I love the extra gusset, so much less nighttime pee mess. We were lucky with DS sleeping through the night early, too, BUT our ongoing challenge has been long night= lots of pee.

Just sent you a message...

Same problem...no answer?

So I just threw away four liners yesterday, because the "elastic" part became (for lack of a better word) crusty! I had these liners for about seven months, and they started going bad in about three months.

I am not sure why this is, I use the Old Style little gPants and the New style, and i have noticed that the OS liners don't show any signs of wear, and i bought them used, and they have been through numerous soaks in oxy bleach.

So yeah i would have to agree that having to buy the liners every so often is a little annoying.

I am going to ask some people on the yahoo gGroup about it and see if anyone has any tips.

One question, do you put the liners in the dryer? I have done this before and sometimes i think that maybe that was why it had happened. I dont know though.