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Jan. 22nd, 2008



g-mums and dads on the web

I'm going through my gDiapers email folder and found links to other g-communities:
  • gDiapers map: http://www.frappr.com/gdiapers
  • gDiapers photos: http://www.flickr.com/groups/gdiapersonthego/pool/
I'm thinking of starting a "gDiapers in the media" thread as well.

Jan. 21st, 2008



What do you love about gDiapers?

A post in the clothdiapering community prompted me to make my first post as community maintainer:

What do you love about gDiapers?

I love the cuteness.
I love the feeling that I am being environmentally-friendly.
I love the unexpected community that I found in other g-mums and dads.

Anyone else care to share?

Jan. 10th, 2008

nice things.


(no subject)

Just wanted to say hi! I am having my first little boy April 22.  I am going to gDiaper and cloth diaper.  I am going to hopefully use a diaper service.  I am really excited about it, and just trying to convince my partner it is a good idea...

Just wanted to say hello I am also part of the gDiaper Yahoo Group.

Nov. 5th, 2007



Celebrity Siting

Apparently, g's are catching on. Julia Roberts is a user, but she's not too thrilled about the swishing part. ;)

Aug. 31st, 2007



Old style g's on sale

Original style gDiapers starter kit are on sale at Babycenter for $15.00 a kit.

B/G Large available
R/O Med and Large available

Aug. 1st, 2007



New colors are available!

Don't forget to check out the new colors at the gDiapers website. :)

Jul. 27th, 2007



50% off limited sizes and colors

Because the new little g's will be arriving soon, gHQ is trying to get rid of the old style of g's quickly. The old style gPants are 50% off while supplies last. They have larges in four colors and a small number of red and orange mediums. Smalls are all sold out. Most likely, this will be through the gDiapers site only and not at Whole Foods, Wild Oats, New Seasons, BabyCenter, or wherever else might sell g's. Inserts and liners are on not sale, although cases of inserts are 10% off as usual.

Jul. 24th, 2007



Update from gHQ

For those of you who haven't noticed, or who don't belong to the Yahoo! group, or who aren't signed up for the gNewsletter, I copy for you the following from Michelle at gHQ:

Hello gMums and gDads,

During the past year, we’ve either just been introduced or I’ve had the pleasure of getting to really know you, either way I'd like to thank you for your support of gDiapers! I greatly appreciate your time and energy sharing your love of all things 'g'. Honestly, gDiapers couldn't be the business we are today without you. Your passion, creativity and support truly inspire us all here at gHQ.

Because the gMum/Dad program has been such a success we have added a page to our website describing the program and offering different levels of participation. Check out the new page at http://www.gDiapers.com/gmum. I know your time is extremely precious, but it would be very helpful if you’d fill out the new gMum/Dad form located here: http://www.gDiapers.com/gmum_form, if you would like to continue to participate.

I also want to let you in on some exciting news - our new easy fit ‘little g’ pants are arriving August 1st! New colors include got chocolate, genuine vanilla bean and new, modern hues of our pink, blue and orange ‘little g’ pants. Our new, easy fit pants are everything you love about ‘g’, only better. Benefits are:
• Snug, non-bulky natural fit.
• New softer Velcro closures around the back.
• More stretch in the waist and legs fits all babies better.
• Comfy baby-soft waistband.
• Highly breathable and waterproof snap-in liner.

As always, please don’t hesitate to email, or call, if you have any questions about the program or gDiapers. I love having the opportunity to chat and get to know you better!

Jul. 11th, 2007



I love gDiapers!

This is, for the most part, a repost from my personal journal (last year - linked here for comments if anyone is interested).


I have to admit, I truly love gDiapers. I've been using these diapers since Sophie's stump fell off and absolutely love them. When she was still wearing the smalls, we had 2 gDiapers that I would fill with a folded gauze diaper (I had 24 of these, so they lasted forever), along with 10 Kissaluvs, 5 AIO Kushies, and 8 home made diapers. Now that we're into mediums, I have several diapers (seems like thousands) but the only ones I'm using are the gDiapers because I love them so much. We are currently using 6 gDiapers and 36 DSQ prefolds. I can use a DSQ prefold for an insert (they're too big for the smalls but are perfect for the mediums), or 2 gauze diapers folded together for the insert (the thin gauze diapers were a hassle for the mediums so we no longer use those). We use the flushable inserts when we're out and about to save the hassle of dealing with wet or dirty diapers in the diaper bag. I have to do laundry roughly twice a week (about every three to four days). I have had no issues with blowouts and only a rare issue or two with leaks, when the vinyl liner edge isn't making contact with Sophie's leg.

The diapers are made with hook and loop closures that fasten in the back, away from curious hands. There are two fairly generic colors in a starter kit that costs under $25 (red and orange or blue and green) that also includes a swisher stick, 12 flushable inserts, and 2 extra vinyl liners. The flushable inserts can be rather costly, but since we use cloth here, that's not an issue for us. Prefolds and gauze are so much cheaper than other diapers that this just seems to make more sense than any other system. The nice thing about the flushables is that they're biodegradable, so even if they aren't flushed they will decompose rather than sit in a landfill for 20 years. They also are made of natural fibers and no harsh chemicals that can harm baby's bum. The wet diapers can even be composted and put in the garden to help maintain moisture content!

So far, no diaper rash has been spotted! I'm guessing Sophie loves these diapers as well. ;)

pics behind cutCollapse )

Jul. 4th, 2007



Gotta love vacations!

Background info: I live in Texas and my family does not. Every so often I venture to the land of ice and snow (Michigan) for extended stays with my family so my daughter gets play time with Nana, Papa, and all of her aunts, uncles, and cousins. Of course, shortly after creating this community, I left for Detroit and have been here for some time (will be returning to the ark tomorrow if it hasn't floated away, though).

Now... I know this isn't the first post, and that's quite alright. Eventually, I'll get it together (my act, that is), and get some good posts up for anyone new to g's. Be sure to check the profile for any questions you might have (I believe I have all the various other groups listed there such as myspace, yahoo, etc) and what you can't find there, feel free to post. I have a post in my personal journal that will be up as soon as I get a chance, mainly about cloth prefolds with g's.

If anyone wants to post info on composting, SAP, flushables, the learning curve, blow-outs, g's in the news, news about g's (from HQ, that is), etc., please feel free to do so. The posts are not screened, but if necessary, they will be moderated (I highly doubt that will be necessary if the Yahoo! group is any indication of how this group will be).

Also, if anyone has anything they'd like to see added to the profile, please let me know, either in a post or an email (sm00bs at livejournal dot com works).

Okay, it's time to pull my prefolds out of the dryer and pack them for our trip home. Happy diapering!

~ your stuffy-headed-over-tired-anxious-about-flying-with-the-critter moderator

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