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rredhead in gdiapers

Selling g's

This is from the cloth diapering community, posted with permission by the author.

My 6 year old is always suggesting to parents of babies or pregnant ladies that they use cloth but today he blew me away.

 We've been back in cloth for a week after a week of G diapers (used because we were using A&D for a bad rash) and I didn't realize my son even noticed. Well, today he asked a woman in Target if she was going to cloth diaper and when she said "I don't have a washing machine." Owen said "you should consider G diapers, they are a combination of cloth and paper. You flush the insert down the toilet and keep the cover." The woman and I just looked at each other and I shrugged. She looked annoyed and confused!

 This incident was much better than the time he loudly exclaimed in the library;  "It stinks in here, somebody must be wearing paper diapers!"

 Tell me, do your older kids push cloth?