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rredhead in gdiapers

Z Recommends Cloth Diaper Showdown


This woman evaluated 11 kinds of cloth diapers, including gDiapers. This is what she says about g's:
Style tested: Flushable diaper with cover, prices vary
Ease of use: 4
Durability: 4
Effectiveness: 4.5
Comfort: 4.5
Attractiveness: 5
Value: 3
Total Score: 25/30

gDiapers offers a thoroughly researched and well-designed hybrid diaper. The diaper consists of an inner absorbent pad which nests into a liner which is subsequently snapped into the “little g” pant (akin to a cover). If you're confused by my description, hightail it over to the company's website which has detailed information in an easy to understand format. Many questions you might have will be answered there. And if the website doesn't address your particular question, the company is happy to take phone calls! I found gDiapers to be quite user-friendly.

Learning how to assemble the diaper for use is similar to any cloth diaper. What frightened me the most was the prospect of flushing the liner. It wasn't that I mistrusted the diaper design as much as I feared the plumbing gods. The gDiaper website has much information on flushing and plumbing which encouraged me to give it a go. In order to flush, pull apart the liner. The absorbent pulpy stuff instantly breaks up in the toilet bowl so I knew it would go down easily. The outer part of the liner I found to be trickier because it is a longer papery piece that doesn't just break apart. Nevertheless, on my flushing attempts, all went down with ease. The dDiaper is an innovative, attractive, and trim-fitting option for your baby.

Price may be a drawback. gDiapers currently run $26.99 for starter kit (2 "little g" pants and 10 flushable inserts), $16.99 for individual “little g” pants, $14.49 for 40 size small flushable inserts, and $52.00 for a case of 160 size small inserts.



Our Cloth Diaper Experience

Never heard of this... inbetween cloth and disposable. Seems like a neat idea. Personally, we use both cloth and disposable now. Our primary mode of diapering is cloth, but for when we go out, night time, or when we're just lazy we use disposables. Not only are they WAY cheaper in the long run (even after electricity, water, etc costs), they are softer and better for the baby, which is the most important factor in my mind. Concerning the environment... eh. Things get thrown away. Landfills get filled with or without diapers. This "inbetween" diaper is worth a shot I would say. Price is a bit high though.

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