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luvmecuzimrach in gdiapers

 I'm just curious as to what wipes everyone uses in here (who has kids already).  I'm looking for a "green" alternative to the wipes we use right now but I want to make sure they are good and not  "cheap" looking.  I've tried the Nature Baby Care wipes and just felt they were too thin... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you!

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Yeah I do want to use the cloth inserts for the g's. I'm not really sure which ones or how to do it yet, I need to research that a little more.
Somewhere, if you do a search in my tags, I did a write up on my prefolds. Have you joined the Yahoo group? There is TONS of information stored in the files section there.
Oh no I didn't...I didn't even know it existed! Geez I've got a lot to learn about this stuff lol. Thank you though I will check it out!