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stickylatex in gdiapers


Inspired by a recent post on another community about "how do you store your cloth diapers," please ... spam me with details of how you store your gDiapers! I'm 21 weeks pregnant with my first, so I'm not sure how to store ... anything! ... and gDiapers have very unique "parts" to them, compared to regular cloth dipes. So ... spam away, and feel free to include pictures. Thanks.


I don't have pictures of the setup (Sophie is currently napping, plus it changed since we started potty training), but I'll try to describe it.

We have a small changing table/bookshelf from IKEA. We used Gerber DSQs for our inserts and kept the flushables in the closet for backup. On one side of the table I had a box for wipes (recycled Pampers container for cloth wipes). Next to that I had pre-loaded g's, all folded and stacked. To the right of that stack was the stack of folded pre-folds (two stacks, really, one in front of the other). That filled the entire table. When we had a used g come off her bum, we put it on the top of the bookshelf to air out, and I tried to rotate them as evenly as possible. The extra liners were stored on top of the bookshelf and used in a rotation cycle as well. We used a Diaper Champ for the diapers, including the g's when we used the old style. I hand wash the new style diapers, though.

I hope that helps. If you need clarification on anything, feel free to ask. :)
Wow that was very thorough - thank you!

I do have some questions.

I've gotten pretty familiar with Ikea lately. Do you recall which model of changing table/bookshelf you have? (Just so I can visualize the setup.)

How did the DSQ Gerbers work for you as inserts?

I haven't tried to pre-load and fold and stack my Gs yet, but even on their own, they seem kind of bulky and hard to stack. How did you handle that?

Why do you only hand wash the new style Gs?

Thank you again for your help!
It's the Hensvik: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/50077247 - we're about to take the changing table off of the bookshelf since she's really too big for it now anyhow.

I love the DSQ prefolds. This entry gives a little more detail on how we dealt with the g's and the prefolds.

We had just the right number of mediums and larges that they fit stacked on the shelf without issue. They never fell over unless Sophie was flailing.

She's only wearing diapers at night now, and we only have three NS g's. She's too big for the OS. If I had more, I probably would throw the NS in the washer as well (although I would have to hand wash the liners since they say to avoid vinegar with those for whatever reason). As it is, if I throw these in the Champ and wait for the next diaper washing day (which I still have to do once a week or so no matter how small the load or it stinks to high heaven), we would run out of diapers. She's really too big for the NS large g's and if she wets at night it leaks clean through.


Diaper storage

We have a bakers rack (4 shelveds) in the bathroom that is attached to baby's room. I use fabric cubes on the shelves. There is one of snap in liners and gCovers. Another with burp cloths, washcloths, etc. And another with bumgenius dipes. I also have a basket up there with prefolds already folded in 3rds and stacked since that's what we primarily use in the gdipes.

Re: Diaper storage

OK, this post is slowly but surely turning into a "prefolds as gDiaper inserts" post. But still I'll ask - how do you like using the prefolds as gDiaper inserts?

Oh, and ... what diapers do you use at night?

Re: Diaper storage

At night I use a flushable with a piece of fleece over it. I've tried lots of other combinations of inserts, but this seems to work best for it. My DD is 11.5 months old and I don't think she's a really heavy wetter. We compost the pee inserts and toss poop ones because we like to be gentle on our septic system.

Re: Diaper storage

Oh, I didn't answer the original question. I love using prefolds and have been using them since we started with gdiapers around 8 wks. Orange edge in the small and green or yellow edge in the medium/larges. I get mine at greenmountaindiapers.com. We use flushables when we're out and about or traveling.

Re: Diaper storage

We currently store our diapering system in a dresser drawer. We have two Ikea organizers (from a set) one with covers, and one with liners. Folded and stacked in the drawer are about two dozen unbleached infant prefolds, a dozen bamboo velour doublers, and a dozen toddler prefolds (we occasionally use other types of diaper).

In a shelf under the changing table are our preloaded g's -- a days worth. When one gets used I sometimes hang it over the facing of the open drawer to "air out" if I feel like it needs it before stashing it in the cover compartment.

I reload the next day's diapers while my son is getting post-bath nekkid time.

Gerber DSQ's got the job done but unbleached infant prefolds fit the med/lg liners perfectly. I think newborn or premie prefolds may fit the smalls. Also the unbleached 4x8x4 Indian unbleached prefolds were WAY softer and more absorbant.

Also I sometimes stuff them with two doublers from either Green Mountain Diapers or Punkin Butt and they work great and are even trimmer fitting than the flushables. I imagine just one doubler could be sufficient for a newborn who gets changed frequently.

At night we use a prefold wrapped around a doubler. When the liner is very full you have to make sure that it is making contact with the leg to avoid leaks, and sometimes, well, there are still leaks if DS is having a particularly pee-heavy night.

HTH :)

Re: Diaper storage

Very helpful, thanks!