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stickylatex in gdiapers


Inspired by a recent post on another community about "how do you store your cloth diapers," please ... spam me with details of how you store your gDiapers! I'm 21 weeks pregnant with my first, so I'm not sure how to store ... anything! ... and gDiapers have very unique "parts" to them, compared to regular cloth dipes. So ... spam away, and feel free to include pictures. Thanks.


It's the Hensvik: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/50077247 - we're about to take the changing table off of the bookshelf since she's really too big for it now anyhow.

I love the DSQ prefolds. This entry gives a little more detail on how we dealt with the g's and the prefolds.

We had just the right number of mediums and larges that they fit stacked on the shelf without issue. They never fell over unless Sophie was flailing.

She's only wearing diapers at night now, and we only have three NS g's. She's too big for the OS. If I had more, I probably would throw the NS in the washer as well (although I would have to hand wash the liners since they say to avoid vinegar with those for whatever reason). As it is, if I throw these in the Champ and wait for the next diaper washing day (which I still have to do once a week or so no matter how small the load or it stinks to high heaven), we would run out of diapers. She's really too big for the NS large g's and if she wets at night it leaks clean through.