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stickylatex in gdiapers


Inspired by a recent post on another community about "how do you store your cloth diapers," please ... spam me with details of how you store your gDiapers! I'm 21 weeks pregnant with my first, so I'm not sure how to store ... anything! ... and gDiapers have very unique "parts" to them, compared to regular cloth dipes. So ... spam away, and feel free to include pictures. Thanks.


Diaper storage

We have a bakers rack (4 shelveds) in the bathroom that is attached to baby's room. I use fabric cubes on the shelves. There is one of snap in liners and gCovers. Another with burp cloths, washcloths, etc. And another with bumgenius dipes. I also have a basket up there with prefolds already folded in 3rds and stacked since that's what we primarily use in the gdipes.

Re: Diaper storage

OK, this post is slowly but surely turning into a "prefolds as gDiaper inserts" post. But still I'll ask - how do you like using the prefolds as gDiaper inserts?

Oh, and ... what diapers do you use at night?

Re: Diaper storage

At night I use a flushable with a piece of fleece over it. I've tried lots of other combinations of inserts, but this seems to work best for it. My DD is 11.5 months old and I don't think she's a really heavy wetter. We compost the pee inserts and toss poop ones because we like to be gentle on our septic system.

Re: Diaper storage

Oh, I didn't answer the original question. I love using prefolds and have been using them since we started with gdiapers around 8 wks. Orange edge in the small and green or yellow edge in the medium/larges. I get mine at greenmountaindiapers.com. We use flushables when we're out and about or traveling.