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doubledizzy in gdiapers

Just joined

Hi! Just wanted to introduce myself and proclaim my love for G's. I am a Mama to my 9 month old DD and we've been using G's for about 3 months. I wish I would have found them sooner! We use cloth inserts that I made with microfiber and microfleece or minky and so far I have no major complaints. Now I try to spread the word about G's to all the diapering Mommy's I know, but I only have one covert so far! I'll keep working on it!


Hi! I am a new mother using gdiapers as well. We've perfected the flushables, but now I want to try the cloth inserts too. I also have microfleece liners and so far it's leaked. A lot. I even got the special inserts from Cottonwood Baby (http://www.cottonwoodbaby.com/Retail_Site_3/gDiaper_Inserts.html) ... The small size, since my little Lily is only 2.5 months old and weighs 10 lbs. Is there a secret that I need to know to make them not leak? I also have fleece extra liner, but it still seems to leak even when I double layer. What am I doing wrong? :)

I love this community. Your post just struck me and I thought I'd introduce myself and ask for your wisdom. Hope you don't mind!
I actually had more leaking problems with the flushables! I made inserts with 3 layers of microfiber (from auto department at target), wrapped with microfleece and sewed it all together. I just made the same size as the flushables. Where is it leaking? Usually I get leaks at the top if they are too tight or if I don't get a good seal for some reason they leak by the legs. Have you joined the yahoo g-diaper group?? They are the most helpful group of Moms and someone there might have helpful hints for you.
Yeah, I've joined the group as well. :) Thanks for your help! I asked someone else too and they said that it is most likely due to the fact that I haven't washed these inserts that I bought yet (duh). I just tried to use them brand new, so they weren't broken into yet. Silly me. I'm going to try them again. They were leaking towards the velcro area and to her back.

Do you tuck them in so that they're all completely inside the liner, or does it matter?