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evilbunny in gdiapers

Nikwax question

Has anyone in here used Nikwax to re-waterproof their liners? I just got some and am about to embark on an adventure and wanted to see if anyone had any advice.


Oh, and Hi! I'm new to this group, I've been on the gdiapers Yahoo! group for a couple of months. I have a nearly 8-month-old, and have been using gdiapers for about 3 months.




Hi--The Nikwax spray only works for so long (usually about every 10-15 washes or so). It also stinks to the high heavens! I tried using it on some cloth diapers of mine that had worn out and I wouldn't recommend it---it would save you time and money to buy some new liners or save a ton of money and go totally cloth! :)