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redshoegirl in gdiapers

gDiapers for sale

I have a starter set of unused small gdiapers and a package of small refills that my son has grown out of.  The starter kit is not quite complete, I have an orange and a vanilla cover, 3 liners and an opened package of 10 flushable inserts.  I'm pretty sure I also have the swish stick somewhere if you want it, but I'm not sure if the set had a 4th liner and where it is if it did.  Don't remember ever seeing the "s" hook that is mentioned in the "hug" pamphlet.  These are new style with the orange snaps, I bought them back in August/September when I was still pregnant, opened them up to play with and stash in my hospital bag, then never touched them again.  The 40 pack of inserts has never been opened.  I got them as a backup in case I had trouble with cloth diapering, and then fell in love with cloth.  I'd like $30 ppd for the lot, but if that's unreasonable, just make an offer!  I'm happy to take pictures, but all of it is brand new.  I even still have the box for the starter kit.




Do you still have these for sale?


if you still have these left please e-mail me at Jeremiah_chichester@hotmail.com Thanks!
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im pretty sure you have sold these but if you have them email me at emfossett@gmail.com